Brochures - Laundry

Commercial laundry machines need simple, accurate and reliable chemical dosing systems to help ensure that an acceptable level of cleaning and hygiene is maintained at all times. The mechanical efficiency of our dosing pumps, along with advanced electronic research, has made it possible to offer the ideal range of automatic systems for a variety of demanding commercial environments. Models featuring up to 6 pumps with long-life motors, broad capacity ranges along with low product controls and alarms are just a few of the key standard features. 

Laundry Brochure Downloads

Laundry Laundry (1213 KB)

OPL Mini L OPL Mini L (1220 KB)

OPL Advantage OPL Advantage (1220 KB)

OPL Advantage Plus OPL Advantage Plus (1220 KB)

OPL Advantage Plus Seko OPL Advantage Plus Seko (555 KB)

Laundry Spare Parts Laundry Spare Parts (1220 KB)