Commercial dishwashers need simple, accurate and reliable chemical dosing systems to help ensure that an acceptable level of cleaning and hygiene is maintained at all times. Our range of automatic dosing systems contains one of the most recognised pumps in the world and is suited for any and all types of commercial dishwashers including glass washers, single-rack door type machines, conveyor and flight type models.

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Commercial laundry machines need simple, accurate and reliable chemical dosing systems to help ensure that an acceptable level of cleaning and hygiene is maintained at all times. The mechanical efficiency of our dosing pumps, along with advanced electronic research, has made it possible to offer the ideal range of automatic systems for a variety of demanding commercial environments. Models featuring up to 6 pumps with long-life motors, broad capacity ranges along with low product controls and alarms are just a few of the key standard features. 

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The ability to dilute concentrated chemicals on site is a must in today’s industry. Transport costs, lack of available storage as well as Occupational Health & Safety all play a role in the need to accurately dilute general cleaning chemicals.

We carry a variety of chemical proportioning systems. When these products are connected to the water supply, they simply and quickly prepare an accurate chemical solution for use in various cleaning applications. There are many models available with different flow rates, pre-fitted for sinks, small spray bottles and large containers.

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Drain and Odour Control

The elimination and masking of waste and odours are an everyday requirement. Our systems, through the dosing of bacteria or enzymes, are perfectly designed for the application where metabolizing of organic substances in waste water is required. A wide choice of systems with digital/analog, weekly/daily programming options are available.

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Hand Pumps

In any application where you need to accurately dispense a set amount of chemicals, our range of manual hand and drum pumps ensure cost effective delivery of chemicals at point of use. These systems require no water, electricity or compressed air and are available in a variety of configurations to ensure optimum performance and delivery of your products.

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Surface Sanitizing

The cleaning and sanitizing of surface areas by water and air driven Sprayers and Foamers carry numerous applications. Food handling & preparation areas, packing house meat cutting rooms & equipment, animal cages, dairy equipment, the list goes on. We offer a comprehensive range of both Water and Air driven Sprayers & Foamers to suit any application.

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Car Washing

A comprehensive range of products to take you from start to finish. Direct dispensing of concentrated products or dilute on site at per-determined ratios that you control. Spray a variety of products from wheel degreasers to shampoo and even a special rinse if required. Wall mount and portable systems available.

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Closed Loop Systems

In today’s chemical marketplace, an increasing number of products are being sold in concentrated for easier and more economical shipping, handling and storing. This brings on a whole set of challenges to the chemical providers. Leaks and spills cause safety hazards, property and environmental damage, penalties and operational issues. 

A Closed Loop System engineers every connection and dispensing point to enforce total containment, even during refill change-out. Closed Loop requires a connection system that both vents for proper flow and contains the concentrate to ensure safety. It increases end-user safety, prevents toxic spills and optimizes product performance.

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Hand Hygiene

Regular hand washing is the easiest method of controlling the spread of germs and bacteria.

Ergonomically designed and constructed from durable and easy to clean ABS plastic, our range of Soap Dispensers are poised to satisfy any requirement. Refillable, Bag-in-Box and Pod Range versions to cover all applications.

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Original Equipment Manufacturers. We offer one of the broadest ranges of dosing pumps for the OEM market. Flow rates from as little as 0.08 l/h up to 100 l/h. From fixed speed pumps to built in variable controls and timers. AC and DC drives available with power supplies ranging from 24 Vac to 230 Vac. Various mounting options to suit your individual requirement as well as a complete range of tubing material suit your compatibility requirements.

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