Brochures - Housekeeping

The ability to dilute concentrated chemicals on site is a must in today’s industry. Transport costs, the lack of available storage space as well as Occupational Health & Safety all play a role in the need accurately dilute general cleaning chemicals. TDS’s offering allows you to do this and more. We give you the unique ability to badge the equipment yourself in order to compliment your products and program. This along with several Patents on the Hydraulics helps to give you an edge in the marketplace.

Housekeeping Brochure Downloads

SekureMax 2018 4pp Flyer SekureMax 2018 4pp Flyer (819 KB)

Housekeeping Housekeeping (1467 KB)

Pro Max H Pro Max H (265 KB)

Pro Max Drip Tray Pro Max Drip Tray (303 KB)

Pro Sink Pro Sink (1474 KB)

Housekeeping Spare Parts Housekeeping Spare Parts (1474 KB)

Pro Max Ratio Stabilizer Pro Max Ratio Stabilizer (276 KB)