Brochures - Surface Sanitizing - Water Driven

Surface sanitizing is a must in today’s markets and we offer a variety of water driven sprayers and foamers that simply and quickly prepare accurate chemical solutions for use in various cleaning applications. 

Ideal for: 

  • Cleaning, degreasing or disinfecting when a foam is desired to increase surface contact time
  • Supermarkets, packing house meat cutting rooms and equipment
  • Food handling and preparation areas - Institutional, industrial or public restrooms, shower and locker rooms 
  • Animal cages
  • Dairy equipment 
  • Trucks, cars and other equipment

Surface Sanitizing - Water Driven Brochure Downloads

ProTwin 2018 4pp Flyer ProTwin 2018 4pp Flyer (844 KB)

Birchmeier Range Birchmeier Range (3228 KB)

Vario-Matic 1.25 PE Vario-Matic 1.25 PE (1540 KB)

Surface Sanitizing - Water Driven Surface Sanitizing - Water Driven (1175 KB)

Foamaster II Foamaster II (1182 KB)

Jet Line Jet Line (1182 KB)

Pro Wash Pro Wash (1182 KB)

SS Water Spare Parts SS Water Spare Parts (1182 KB)

Spray Guns Spray Guns (1613 KB)

Birchmeier Pump Up Sprayers & Foamers Birchmeier Pump Up Sprayers & Foamers (2819 KB)