Brochures - Surface Sanitizing Air 

Surface sanitizing is a must in today’s markets and we offer a variety of air driven sprayers and foamers that simply and quickly prepare accurate chemical solutions for use in various cleaning applications. 

Ideal for: 

  • Cleaning, degreasing or disinfecting when a foam is desired to increase surface contact time
  • Supermarkets, packing house meat cutting rooms and equipment
  • Food handling and preparation areas - Institutional, industrial or public restrooms, shower and locker rooms 
  • Animal cages
  • Dairy equipment 
  • Trucks, cars and other equipment

Surface Sanitizing Air  Brochure Downloads

ProTwin 2018 4pp Flyer ProTwin 2018 4pp Flyer (844 KB)

Surface Sanitizing - Air Driven Surface Sanitizing - Air Driven (593 KB)

Pro Foam Series Pro Foam Series (597 KB)

SS Air Spare Parts SS Air Spare Parts (597 KB)